About the Education category

Conversations, Answers, Tutorials, and Projects based on Electronics and Automation courses.

Each year Digi-Key offers a number of employees scholarships to attend technical college. As part of that education, the students are required to answer a number of questions posted by other students in each class. The answers to these questions are often formulated to address one of three levels of competency. Novice, College Student, or Subject Matter Expert. Other writings include tutorials and projects done for different classes in the Electronics and Automation fields.

All community members, students, and educators are encouraged to post and interact in this category. Please note though that while our employees and community will be monitoring this category, we do not assign these topics to our techs and engineers as we do in our product categories so you may not see responses to all questions/posts in this category.

In regard to Homework, we do encourage discussions around the topics you are studying though, ask that you do not just post an open question. Instead please try to show your work or explain what you have tried and our community members will try to point you in the right direction vs just simply providing the answer.