AD567JD VS AD567JD/+

What is the difference of AD567JD VS AD567JD/+ currently needing 24pcs of AD567JD but only 8pcs are in stock is it posible that AD567JD/+ as a replacement for AD567JD. Thanks!
AD567JD/+ = Digi-Key Part Number : 2156-AD567JD/±AD-ND
AD567JD = Digi-Key Part Number : AD567JD-ND

Hi ricarte.dungo,

I am pretty sure the two are essentially interchangeable, but I have not yet found hard information which actually defines the meaning of the “/+” suffix. At this time, I don’t believe it is a reference to RoHS. I will inquire with our Analog Devices people to find out what it actually means and post back to you when I get that information.

Hi David,
Just wanted to run something by you as I was looking into this one at the same time as you. AD567JD/+ appears to be an analog to digital converter and AD567JD is a digital to analog converter. Again, unable to confirm but I do think that could be the difference.

No, they are both DACs. That’s a taxonomy error on our website. I notified the appropriate people to have it corrected.

Hi ricarte.dungo,

The answer I got back was that, at one time, Analog Devices used the “/+” suffix to indicate an expanded temperature range, but that they quit doing that some time ago. My assumption would be that since the “standard” operating temperature range of almost all modern integrated circuits is at least -40° to +85° C, there became a time when the “/+” would be redundant, and therefore, unnecessary…