ADI/Maxim MAXREFDES104 PC GUI Software

If you are looking for the MAXREFDES104# PC GUI Software from ADI/Maxim, you can find the guideline provided by the manufacturer for acquiring it here:

For the MSXREFDES104, the customer would have to follow ADI’s steps provided here:

• To apply for the NDA, fill out the request form and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

• Applying for an NDA does not necessarily guarantee approval or shipment of any device or software.

• NDA is subject to approval by the Customer Service Team and will notify applicants accordingly.

• If the NDA is approved, customers will need to register for a myAnalog account (for existing account holders, please log in with your details) in order to access the zip file under the Software Development section (note that this will appear only for approved myAnalog accounts).

• This zip file contains the Windows software GUI, Firmware updates, collateral such as API documents, host source code, and other resources as they become available.