Agency Approval

Hello can anyone tell me how do I verify the agency approval for part number 04020VA-24P-AA-00, I have checked the specification page but the agency approval section was left blank.


Information of the type can often be found in the product datasheet:

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Yes i have seen the data sheet, does that mean the model 04020VA-24P-AA-00 is agency approved? The data sheet does not specify the agency approved fans.

I have checked this list but cant find the particular model anywhere .

I see in our parametric search we don’t have any agency approvals listed which can be cause for your concern. I’m having the information verified and will post the information when I receive it.

My guess is that the separate sheet you linked was published before the 04020 series fans were released.

Given how quickly documentation gets out of date, I suspect NMB has decided to no longer update that document and only have the agency approvals listed on the data sheets (been there, done that, got the tee-shirt :slight_smile: ).

Hi gabriel55123
Yes, it has been verified that these fans are agency approved. They have the same markings CE , VDE and cULus as shown on the datasheet.