Alternative for PFS35-10KF1 with PWR263S-35-1002x as RES SMD 10kOHM / 35W in D2PAK

We could provide an alternative for our customers for DK part # 696-1275-2-ND / MPN: PFS35-10KF1 as RES SMD 10kOHM ±1% 35W TO263 DPAK from Riedon (leadtime ~ 27 wks)

with either PWR263S-35-1002F as RES SMD 10kOHM ±1% 35W D2PAK or

PWR263S-35-1002J / 118-PWR263S-35-1002J-ND as RES SMD 10kOHM ±5% 35W D2PAK.

At time of writing, both options from Bourns Inc. are actually without stock as well but with a better leadtime indication of ~ 11 wks .

Please review the datasheets to ensure the alternative part will work for your application.