Alternative fuse for Conquer SDL 10mm 10A 250V

Need to replace one glass cartridge fuse marked Conquer SDL 10mm 10A 250V for a small appliance and so far the nearest match I can find is 15mm long. Does there exist an alternative that is 10mm, for a more exact fit? maybe I’m overlooking it in catalogue? thanks for any assist!


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I found some through hole mounted ones with that rating and length. However they are ceramic cartridge and through hole mounted. One is slow blow and the other is fast blow.

F10795-ND Slow Blow
F4980-ND Fast Blow.

The ceramic cartridge should not make any difference as long as it fits and as long as the through hole mounting is what you need. Their actual size is 0.142" Diameter x 0.394" Length (3.60mm x 10.00mm).


Thank you very much, Irfan! Yes, a ceramic should work fine, I’ll try one of those F4980-ND and see if it works!