Alternative to LM567CN/NOPB Tone Decoder

Hey Folks,

Slowly pulling together a bunch of components for a series of Arduino projects.

One project uses the LM567 Tone Decoder by Texas Instruments. The one that I am interested in is currently on backorder:

There are a number of other possible alternative but they are also listed as zero in stock (backorder?):

Wondering what other options I might have. The project does come with code written for the LM567, but perhaps the code could work with other similar IC’s or clones.

Alternatively, does anyone have experience waiting for a backorder? Do they take long (Manufacturer lead time listed as 4 weeks). Did you have to pay for seprate shipping or run into minimum orders?

Open to thoughts, experiences and alternative IC’s.


AFAIK there are no similar products on the market anymore. IIRC the 567 was introduced in the 1970s by National Semiconductor as the LM567 and was 2nd sourced by many other vendors with other prefixes, e.g. NE567, SE567. By the end of the 1980’s it was superseded in most commercial telephone designs by crystal controlled decoders that included more of the other circuitry required for a complete touch tone phone decoder e.g. SSI 202. I believe currently the touch tone decoding functionality in commercial telephones is buried even deeper inside more complex special purpose IC’s.

With the global electronic parts shortages your only option besides locating some at another seller is to construct a discrete component equivalent from other parts. When I was young I read quite few articles about rolling your own tone decoder. However because of the success of the 567’s and plentiful supply, including the neighborhood Radio Shack store, those article’s stopped being published by the end of the 1980’s and may now only be found in print archives.

Doh! Forgot to check one of my go to sellers for these types old fashioned parts when Digi-Key is out of stock, Jameco, they have 567’s in stock right now.

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Thanks @PaulHutch I created an account at Jameco and started a shopping cart. My goal was to stick to a single vendor, but I figured I might hit a block. I have some other parts I have not been able to source yet, so hopefully a second source will increase my odds.