Amphenol coaxial connector (RF) question

I just bought a couple of 132171 Amphenol (CONN ADAPT PLUG TO JACK SMA) and want to use it for VHF/UHF antenna connection. Now the description says it’s 500 ohms? Is that a typo and it’s really a 50 ohm impedance adaptor?? Seems like RF connectors/adaptors should usually be 50 ohms. I’m thinking that’s a typo but need to confirm. Can’t use it if it’s really 500 ohms!!!

Hello Mortome,

Yes, 50 Ohms is the standard for most RF connectors with a few at 75 Ohms.

I submitted a request to modify the page so that it reads “50 Ohms” as opposed to “50Ohms.”

Best Wishes,



Thank you, that’s what I thought. 500 ohms would have given me a horrible SWR!!