Amphenol ICC (FCI) D-Subminiature Delta D and LD differences

Looking for Amphenol ICC (FCI) D-Subminiature connectors from “Delta D” series like, for example, D09S24A4GX00LF (609-5872-ND) or D15S24A4GV00LF (609-1497-ND) one can find additional p/n with “L” prefix:

The same result can come up using “Findchips” website, for example, looking for the p/n “D09S24A4GV00LF” gives 2 options like below:

So what does this “L” prefix (actually it is “LD”) mean and what are the differences between these 2 p/n’s

The parts starting with “D” are standard D-Subminiature “Delta D” series connectors, while the parts having “LD” prefix are D-Subminiature “Economy range” series connectors

The “LD - Economy range” connectors are less robust and are targeted for commercial applications and are almost twice cheaper comparing to standard D-Subminiature “Delta D” series

           LD series                               Delta D series

From the data sheets of the "Delta D" series and "LD" series, the following major differences can be noted:

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