ARM Lab in a Box University Program Kit


The ARM University Program has teamed up with Digi-Key to ship the complete ARM-mbed™ Lab-in-a-Box hardware kit centered around the STMicroelectronics NUCLEO-F401RE board. Academics who want to adopt the kit in their teaching can request a sample donation from the ARM University Program website.

The whole hardware kit needed for this product can be purchased from, however will not find a kit on the Digi-Key website using the standard part search. This is actually a BOM that was created and you can add the kit parts to your cart by clicking on the link below.

ARM Lab-in-a-Box Kit

Here is a list of components in the kit

Component Description Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Part Number QTY
Board Board NUCLEO STM32F4 Series STMicroelectronics 497-14360-ND NUCLEO-F401RE 1
Power Cord USB A to Mini B Connector Qualtek Q362-ND 3021003-03 1
RGB LED 5mm 3 Color RGB LED (Common Cathode) Kingbright 754-1492-ND WP154A4SUREQBFZGW 1
Character LCD 16 x 2 character LCD display module Newhaven Display Intl NHD-0216HZ-FSW-FBW-33V3C-ND NHD-0216HZ-FSW-FBW-33V3C 1
Button Push button switch breadboard friendly E-Switch EG4788-ND KS-00Q-01 4
Potentiometer Linear 10kΩ rotary potentiometer 9mm square Bourns Inc. 3310Y-001-103L-ND 3310Y-001-103L 2
Buzzer Buzzer piezo 4Khz 12.2mm TDK Corporation 445-2525-1-ND PS1240P02BT 1
Shift Register 74HC595N IC 8-bit shift register 16-dip Texas Instruments 296-1600-5-ND SN74HC595N 1
Temperature Sensor DS1631 IC digital thermometer 8-DIP Maxim Integrated DS1631+-ND DS1631+ 1
Resistors Through hole resisters for the RGB LED Stackpole Electronics Inc CF14JT220RCT-ND CF14JT220R 3
Resistors Through hole resisters for the I2C lines Stackpole Electronics Inc CF14JT1K00CT-ND CF14JT1K00 2
Resistors Through hole resisters for the buttons Stackpole Electronics Inc CF14JT10K0CT-ND CF14JT10K0 4
Breadboard Breadboard solderless (81.3mm x 52.8mm) Bud Industries 377-2094-ND BB-32621 1
Wires Wire set 140pc for breadboard Twin Industries 438-1049-ND TW-E012-000 1

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