Automotive Fuses: Auto Link, JCASE, Female MAXI, Female Blade Fuse

What are those box type fuses under your hood?

“What Box Fuse do I need?”
Digi-Key refers to these automotive fuses as Auto Link or JCASE, but are commonly known as Female MAXI, Female Blade, or Automotive Cartridge Fuse. These are all going to be slow blow type.

The JCASE™ is a cartridge style fuse with female terminal design, providing both increased time delay and low voltage drop to protect high current circuits and handle inrush currents. The JCASE™ was designed and patented by Littelfuse.

You will notice both low profile and regular (tall) styles of a few different size fuse casings, but most commonly they will be roughly the 1/2’’ square with either the low or tall profiles.

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