Hi please could you provide the S-parameters files for B39851B8030P810

kingvar, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.

I am checking with our Product Manager that handles the Qualcomm products, to see if this document is available.
I will let you know what I find out.

Kingvar, The product manager received a reply from the manufacture, and they need some information. Here is their reply:

I have the latest datasheet with the narrowband and wideband SPAR files for the B8030 available, but I need to email these files directly to the customer via the Qualcomm me2U email system. (this is a Qualcomm requirement)

Can you provide us the following?

  • Customer name, POC name
  • the POC’s company email address
  • end application

Once I receive this information, I will send the email with the attached documents to them ASAP.

You can email this information to me at david.haugen@digikey.com.


Customer name: Caponic AB, POC name: Ingvar Andersson

Email ingvar@caponic.se

End application low power LTE base station.

Best regards

Ingvar Andersson