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I am building a rescue winch system for an 8-foot rc jet helicopter.

I need to place a motor inside the vertical shaft so I can swing the arm of the winch out over the skids as shown:

I’m looking at the 1097 motor but I need to control it like a servo (e.g. limited rotation at a slow speed with a discrete stopping and starting point (essentially at 0 degrees and 100 degrees). I am using a PWM RC transmitter (Jeti) that has settings for speed, travel limits, etc., but it’s unclear if these can be translated into a controller. I’d like to power the motor via a standard three pin RC cable from my receiver.

I have zero experience with boards so I’m looking for guidance on how to execute this! Your help is greatly appreciated. (Picture of the heli is below)



Hi mkranitz,

Very cool helicopter! I am unfamiliar with all of the details of how RC controllers operate, or how flexible they are, but it would seem to me that you would be better off using a RC servo style motor rather than a standard brushed DC motor, as it natively takes a standard RC type PWM input. This would remove the headache of trying to convert the PWM signal from your on-board controller to what the 2183-2990-ND controller requires (not the same kind of PWM).

Here is a selection of our RC type servo motors:

Hi mkranitz,
You are most likely aware of all below, but thought to share in case.

You will notice some of our servos have “continuous rotation” under the motor type category. These will continue rotating like a DC motor until you stop the PWM signal from the Rx/Tx. Otherwise if you have a servo with limited rotation (servo stop), through your Tx setting you should be able to max the servo out in one direction during normal flight, and when rotated opposite you will get the full swing of the servo.

It does appear you would like it without the “servo” packaging utilizing just the motor design as it would be more custom for such a nice heli :slight_smile:

Good advice guys and I was aware of the PWM issues and decided to go with a linear servo! Thanks!

Sounds good. By the way, I see you have flown a scale model of the Skycrane. My dad flew the Army version of the real thing (Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe), roughly 50 yrs ago.

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Very cool! I’m amidst a build of another one (Siller livery)