BME 688 evaluation board and the Esp 32 huzzah feather board

Please help me with the hardware components needed if I want to use the Bosch BME 688 evaluation board with the Esp 32 huzzah feather board. I need the sensor to communicate wirelessly. Which hardware components do I need so that the evaluation board and huzzah feather board can work together or rather interface them?

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Assuming these are the two items you mentioned:

Then you will need two of the ESP32 modules because the BMP688 is a wired integrated circuit sensor (I2C bus).

What I would do is:

  1. Get one ESP32 reading the BMP688
  2. Then add code to the first ESP32 so it sends the data with one of the wireless protocols
  3. Finally program the second ESP32 to receive the wireless data.

If the distance is more than 3 meters (10 feet) I’d choose WiFi over Bluetooth. And if using WiFi I’d go for a simple UDP protocol.


What if I want to stick with the BME AI studio but then make use of the I2C or SPI functionality by adding the Esp 32 huzzah board. Which of the 3 feather boards and cables can I use. Also the evaluation board strictly being the Bosch sensortech with 8 sensors on board not one. How can I connect the two boards

If you’re talking about manufacturer PN: EVALUATION KIT BOARD BME688 the datasheet on the following page shows how this is hooked up to the HUZZAH32 board.

EVALUATION KIT BOARD BME688 Bosch Sensortec | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

Datasheet found here

Connection is simple if you’re using the HUZZAH32 board because the evaluation board is designed to mate with it directly.

You can use the Esp 32 huzzah board 3405 by Adafruit with these 16 header pins and 12 pin headers to connect the BME688 board to the Esp 32 huzzah board, but you will have to solder the headers to the Esp 32 huzzah board.