BNC-LP identifitaction

Hello, friend!
Can you help to identify this connector?
In the instruction it marked as BNC-LP.
Thank you in advance!

it looks to be an obsolete Hirose part
here is alternatives

Thank you for a fast reply!
But a cannot open this link.
Can you give me a screenshot?
Thank you!

The closest I was able to find are below.



Hope this helps!

Oh, perfect!
Thank you so much!

Any chance to find an analogue of 242230-75?
Not in stock, minimum quote 100, too much for us

The 112532 seems like the most similar item on hand at the moment.

Note that the checkboxes and “view similar” button on a given product page can be a quick and useful way of identifying parametrically similar products within a given product family.

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Thank you so much!