Boost converter

I’m making a voltage booster and it is set at 118 kilohertz I’m getting ringing in my gate signal.i seen on some forums that the gate capacitance had something to do with you know how to prevent this I herd I could put a resistor and a ferrite bead on it also

Parasitic inductance can indeed set up a resonant LC circuit with a FET’s gate capacitance to produce a ringing or overshoot on the gate drive waveform. A small amount of series resistance (typically only a few ohms) is usually sufficient to dampen this parasitic resonance, when it’s encountered.

A ferrite bead in series would tend to add inductance, making the problem worse rather than better.

I got a 5 watt resistor I used to get voltage up so it would be good turn off turn on time it’s about 100 ohm and I got 470 ohm what resistor you think would work

Resistance values on the order of 5Ω, with power ratings of a half-watt or lower would be more typical device specifications for a series gate resistor.

Ok I don’t think it is ringing as much not Shure what problem is I use different brand transistors and I get little more power .thanks