Bosch Sensortec BMX055 FAQs

This post will address frequently asked questions regarding BMX055 from Bosch Sensortec.

Is there any source code that’s available to read the raw data coming from the BMX055 sensor?

BMX055 is 3 devices in one package. See the downloads section of the product page on Bosch Sensortec’s website.

You will find the links to the 3 APIs for accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data readout.

Does the BMX055 have a voltage regulator between the MEMS accelerometer and the Vss pin on the outside of the chip?

The BMX055 has 2 voltage islands, each with independent voltage regulators inside the package:

  • Between VDD and GNDA : 2.4-3.6V, analog supply
  • Between VDDIO and GNDIO : 1.2-3.6V, digital supply

All information was provided by Bosch Sensortec’s Forum.