Bridgelux led diode replacement options

Hello, I have a Bridgelux (BXRA-35E4000-H X3) led diode in a couple of fixtures that have failed. The Digi’s website shows this item is now discontinued and list a similar option (L2C235801211E1900) Luxeon as a similar replacement option. However, once I ordered it, I realized it is much smaller than the Bridgelux and doesn’t mount correctly do to size or cover the existing whole. Is there another possible replacement I am unaware of?

Hello Joel, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
We do not have a direct cross to the Bridgelux LED. Knowing what size is required, and what your power supply or LED driver is rated for, would really help with the search.
The closest LED I found is 976-1592-ND, which is 49.2mm diameter, and has the same test current of 2.1A. The Forward Voltage of this one is 37.6V, instead of the 23.5V of the Bridgelux one.
Please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

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Thanks David! I’ll take a look.