BridgeLux Part Identification

I see a code - 30H1000D7, but that isn’t getting me anywhere. Technician didn’t provide any other information (of course).

Hello DanSCS, welcome to the Forum community. The 30H1000D7 is part of the Bridgelux part number, indicating the specifications of the part. This is noted on page 4 of the datasheet. We have two Bridgelux arrays that look similar to your part. Click this link to take a look at those parts.

I was going to share the same numbers @Jenny_1307 listed. The downfall is that everything that would match appears to come with a 100-piece or 200-piece minimum order quantity.

One part you could look at would be 976-1406-ND or Bridgelux part BXRC-30G1000-D-73. There are some slight differences you may want to verify with the datasheet as well as taking the cover off the starboard to verify that they didn’t do something custom which is not uncommon when it comes to lighting fixtures.