Broken 3D model link on product page

------Question for C5-270-B-1 Please Put your question below------
Could you fix the link for the 3D model? It’s 404. I was able to get a copy from the Mouser website, after wading through their registration process, but it would be nice if the link worked. FWIW, attached is the actual STP file.
C5-270-B-1.stp (95.0 KB)


Thanks for the heads up. Please be advised that broken links, incorrect information and other such oopsies can be reported directly using the Report Product Information Error button on individual product pages.

In this instance, you’d want to select “CAD Model/Drawing” on the following page:

Providing a brief explanation on the following page is very helpful, so the person on the other end doesn’t have to try to guess at what the point of objection is. Please also provide contact information to enable follow-up regarding the resolution of the matter if desired.

I’ve already done that process on your behalf in the course of getting the above screen clips, but wanted to point towards the most direct route to getting such things fixed, knowing that this isn’t the last dead link that’ll be found.