CFExpress Type A Socket

We are looking for a CFExpress Type A socket. DigiKey and others carry a Type B socket from Attend Technologies. However, they do not currently offer a Type A socket form factor.

Is anyone aware of a company that offers a CFExpress Type A socket?

Hello alex.stephens, welcome to the Forum Community. I found a few places where the type A sockets can be purchased. Take a look here.

Thank you for the quick response. However, these are not the actual sockets. These are either the physical memory cards that would plug into the socket and/or a memory card reader (which obviously contain the Type A socket on the PCB). We are making our own device that hosts a Type A CFExpress memory card so we need the physical socket component to mount on the PCB similar the the part linked above.

Nexus Components caries a socket (Series 0150) however they have a minimum buy and they do not look to be available at Digikey or other distributors. Any additional help would be appreciated.