Charger IC part ID

Anybody knows the PN of this device? it was labelled mcp73213t-a6x/mf but the datasheet shows a different device marking. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Thank you for contacting DigiKey , The data sheet shown on our web site does not list all the parts in that series but I did find that part on the manufacturer web site , however they do not show any part markings for it . you may want to contact them to get part marking info for that part

Thanks Craig

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Hi qc1,

Assuming the reference to the MCP73213 is from a reliable source, then I would guess that perhaps it is one of the many flavors of that part. The datasheet only gives example part marking of a few of the “standard” parts, but there are many variations, as seen here. There may also be custom versions which would further expand the possibilities. The fact that it shows a “Z3” leans toward it being one of the MCP73213 variants but, unfortunately, the documentation does not seem to show how they mark every variant.

From page 25 of the datasheet:

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