Clamping kit for Hockey Puc B-43 power diode

Please recommend a clamp and heat sink vendor for the standard power diode from Vishay. The diode is VS-SD1100C12C with a B-43 Hockey Puc package.


I’m unable to find any standard products marketed for this purpose among our listings. Products such as the diode in question which approach utility-scale power levels are at the outer limits of Digi-Key’s historical product portfolio, and as a result supporting offerings of interface hardware are quite thin at present. appears to be a supplier of products which are potentially suitable for the need.

Given the nature of these products, I suspect that many applications involve semi-custom hardware. A heat sink extrusion such as P/N 125544 might be a suitable stock material for making an appropriate heat sink.

A Vishay application note on mounting of products in this form factor can be found here.