We are looking for a COMAIR-ROTRON Electric Cooling Fan, Size: Square 175 x 80mm, Model: TN382, Part No: 270001. Cannot find it on your online list of COMAIR-ROTRON Fans.

That part and model number are no longer recognized on the Comair Rotron website, therefore it must be obsolete.
We can try find an alternative if you send us the specifications of the fan besides the physical size. Voltage, RPM, Air Flow, Current rating, all these would help us find the best fit for you.
If you don’t have that information, then we would like to know the application you are using it in to try to determine the best alternative.

Technical reference number T4266341

Hello Josh,

Thank you for your reply regarding the Comair Rotron TN382 Fan, appreciate it very much.

We will try to obtain the specifications that you require to quote on an alternative fan, and will reply back ASAP.

Wishing you well.

Kind regards,

Willemien Esterhuizen

I believe you are looking for TN3A2 instead of TN382. I found a spec for the TN3A2 model. There is a different Comair # associated with that number on the datasheet. .

If those are the correct specs, a possible alternative would be CR259-ND Please verify the datasheet on the product page.