Conncetion Type?

Hi, does anyone know what this connector is called? I need both the male and female. It is a low voltage automotive connector for a sensor. Thanks!


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I have searched our site, and I do not see a match to this connector.
The automotive industry uses a variety of connectors. You can try searching on Google with the vehicle and sensor type, and you may find this connector with wires attached. That would be a good starting point.
Technical Reference # T4270893

Sorry we didn’t have a match to offer, but maybe someone else may know about this connector, and can add their information.

I actually found the connectors, made by Aptive. My question now is, I want to put a variable resistor inline with a sensor, with a max of around 150ohms. It won’t be subjected to intense heat or moisture, but will vary with temperature consistent with being outside and in an automotive setting. Do you know what options are available? Thanks!

Hello Reset,

Thank you for your correspondence. I do not see we carry a potentiometer with an automotive qualification. However you may want to take a look at the 150 ohm option below, please review the datasheet:
Click here for 2368-501-0048-ND

A basic carbon composition potentiometer over the standard automotive temperature range changes by 16.5%. (1000ppm/°C, 165°C).

This Bourns cermet potentiometer is only 150ppm/°C, so 2.5%.