Connecting Silicon Graphics 1600SW monitor (LVDS out) to PC VGA using part VL-CBR-2014

I have a Silicon Graphics (SGI) 1600SW LCD monitor that uses a proprietary LVDS video output and I need to connect it to a VGA graphics card on an older computer. Does your adapter VL-CBR-2014 (“LVDS TO VGA ADAPTER”) work with this SGI monitor and can I use it along with a male-to-male VGA cable to connect this monitor to the VGA input on my computer? This part is expensive so I wanted to ask before I try it.

Thank you

Hi bakertc3,

The VL-CBR-2014 would not work as it is for opposite conversion. You’ll need a VGA-to-LVDS adapter (or actually VGA-to-FPD-link adapter) and some modifications.

Take a look at here for a starter:

heke, AsamaLab

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This is a less commonly used adapter, but I think it will work. There are some limitations you must know while using these tools. For instance, You’ll get a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200. So I would suggest using the other options. If it is an expensive part, why using with limitations?

Hi All,

It appears that there is a need for some disambiguation treatment on the terminology that was used by the OP to describe the problem at hand.

Initially, to me it sounded like OP wants to connect an old PC with a VGA graphics card to an SGI display.
However, the terminology used by OP half-way suggests that the SGI’s display has an openLDI output connector and the OP wants to use a VGA frame grabber card to capture the content of the display (note the use of the terms “input” and “output”).

So I wonder, could bakertc3 kindly describe the desired image content data direction more precisely: Is it from the PC to the display (VGA → openLDI), or from the display to the PC (openLDI → VGA)?

Cheers, heke

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