Connecting to DIP16 - How?

I am trying to plug in to the back of 214-44-314-01-670800, the hole diameters are max 0.025". I’d like to be able to attach a screw terminal to this but all the surface mount tabs on the screw terminals (like Terminal Blocks - Various Sizes : ID 2234 : $0.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits) seem to be too big.

Is there a common way to connect DIP 16 sockets? At this point even just a jumper would be helpful.


Hello ares3176,

Thank you for posting on the DigiKey TechForum.

Do you have a specific application that requires you to mount screw terminals to the socket? If you have pictures or a description of the application and what you’re trying to connect the socket to that you can share, it may help us better suggest solutions. Personally, I suggest using the Header Pins associated with this part to ensure that they will be compatible.

The normal solution is to mount the DIP socket and two 0.1" spacing terminal strips on perfboard.