Considerations when choosing a switching power supply

The following are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a switching power supply:

  1. To increase the reliability of your switching power supply, it’s suggested to select a unit having a rating of around 30% more power than the actual circuit requirement.
    For example, if the system needs a 100W source, you may choose a switching power supply with 130W output power or more. By doing this, you can effectively boost the reliability of the switching mode power supply in your system design.

  2. Please consider the ambient temperature of the switching power supply and check whether there is additional devices for dissipating heat, such as fans or heat sinks.
    If the switching power supply is working in high temperature environment, you need to derate the output power. The derating curve of ambient temperature vs output power is usually shown on the datasheet, such as the curve below for the DPU-3200 series 3200W with Single Output AC/DC power supply from MeanWell.

  3. Which functions are required in your applications?

  • Protection functions: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Load Protection (OLP), Short Circuit Protection and etc.

  • Application functions: Signaling Function (Power Good, Power Fail), Remote Control, Remote Sensing and etc.

  • Special functions: Power Factor Corrections (PFC), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function

  1. Please make sure that the model qualifies for the safety standards and EMC regulations in your region.