Cooling below ambient

My device generating 40 Watt and I have to maintain it’s temperature 50C when ambiant temperature is 60C can anyone give the complete solution… thanks in advance

Hello Neeraj,

Unfortunately your options for cooling are limited when you are in this type of situation.
You will be looking at either a sealed refrigeration system, or perhaps a system using peltier modules.
I have some personal experience with peltier modules, and I know that keeping them cool enough to function can be a challenge on its own, and unfortunately Digi-Key does not have any refrigeration systems in our catalog, so it would be best to look elsewhere for that.

Sir, so can I use peltier module I’m this case

There was a really good post on using a TEC in another feed from @rick_1976 that I would suggest reading.

I do not think there is a one-part complete solution in this case. There would also need to be information on the device you are using and the ability to add a Peltier. You also need to consider factors like the power needed to operate the Peltier, the room for an appropriately sized heat sink to remove the needed heat from the Peltier and the appropriate airflow needed for the heat sink. As mentioned in the article above a thermal model could help to identify some of these answers.