Cracks on the body of capacitor B32562J1335K000 from EPCOS - TDK Electronics

Sometimes crack(s) may appear on the body of the film capacitor B32562J1335K000 (Digikey Part Number: 495-6851-ND) from EPCOS - TDK Electronics. This is normal scenario with these capacitors and can be considered as a cosmetic issue. This will not affect any electrical parameter or functionality of the capacitor.

During the fabrication process of stacked-film capacitors, the single layers of metallized film are faced with mechanical strains during the winding, scooping, tempering and sawing of the capacitor. Furthermore, during the soldering process, the local heating-up of a capacitor might force a quick evacuation of the humidity stored between the film layers, producing a similar strain.

All these mechanical strains may be released naturally by cracks, which mainly occur at the bottom side of the capacitors, between the leads. Intense endurance tests of such components have proven that cracks have no influence on the electrical properties or the reliability of the uncoated capacitors (SilverCap), so the occurrence of such cracks is not dangerous for the application.