Cross Reference for EUC-025S Series of LED Driver

The EUC-025S is a series of LED Drivers from Inventronics that is not currently sold here at Digi-Key, however the LED-25W Series of LED Drivers from Thomas Research Company has many form, fit, and function crosses available. Data sheets are available for all of the TRC LED Drivers on the individual product pages.

All of the power supplies are constant current with an input voltage range of 90-305VAC

Dimming Power Supplies
EUC-025S208DS 2.08 A 4-12V Crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1555-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-12-C2080-D)
EUC-025S140DS 1.4 A 6-18V Crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1042-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-18-C1400-D)
EUC-025S105DS 1.05 A 13-25V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1586-ND (TRC P/N VLED25W-025-C1050-D)
EUC-025S070DS 700 mA 12-36V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1049-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-36-C0700-D)
EUC-025S045DS 450 mA 19-56V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1051-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-56-C0450-D)
EUC-025S035DS 350 mA 24-72V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1490-ND (TRC P/N LEDDC25W-072-C0350-D)

Non-Dimming Power Supplies
EUC-025S208PS 2.08A 12V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1039-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-12)
EUC-025S140PS 1.4A 6-18V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1041-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-18-C1400)
EUC-025S070PS 700 mA 12-36V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1048-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-36-C0700)
EUC-025S062PS 620 mA 12-36V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1047-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-36-C0620)
EUC-025S045PS 450 mA 19-56V crosses to Digi-Key P/N 1121-1050-ND (TRC P/N LED25W-56-C0450)