Curtis Industries Barrel Plug Connectors Color / Size


Curtis Industries manufacturers an output cord 364-1236-ND that can be used on wall wart power supplys with screw terminals.


The connectors that plug into this cable are available in straight and right angle.and in several different sizes. The part numbers will breakdown into 3 sections.

XXXX will call out the color/size of the tip

  • 4017 = Yellow / 4.0mm OD 1.7mm ID
  • 3413 = Orange / 3.4mm OD 1.3mm ID
  • 5521 = Purple / 5.5mm OD 2.1mm ID
  • 5525 = White / 5.5mm OD 2.5mm ID
  • 25MP = 2.5mm Phono Plug
  • 35MP = 3.5mm Phono Plug

YY will call out straight vs right angle

  • ST = Straight
  • TIP = Right Angle

-EX is a curtis series call out.

These plugs are also compatible with the Phihong POE Splitters

Applicable Part numbers

364-1238-ND 364-1237-ND 364-1231-ND 364-1230-ND 364-1226-ND 364-1227-ND 364-1228-ND 364-1229-ND 364-1232-ND 364-1233-ND 364-1234-ND 364-1235-ND 5521ST-EX 5525ST-EX 5521TIP-EX 5525TIP-EX 35MPST-EX 25MPST-EX 3413ST-EX 4017ST-EX 35MPTIP-EX 25MPTIP-EX 3413TIP-EX 4017TIP-EX
POE Splitters
993-1076-ND 993-1080-ND 993-1081-ND 993-1077-ND 993-1177-ND 993-1090-ND 993-1075-ND 993-1089-ND 993-1176-ND POE14-050 POE21-120 POE21-240 POE14-120 POE21-120H POE60D-560(G) POE14-033 POE45-120 POE21-120F