Data sheet or manual for FIT0832

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Does this converter derive power from the USB port, or is a separate power supply required?


This one can be powered by the USB. No external power supply required.

Hi @wlm ,

The USB will power the converter providing an output signal only, but you cannot derive higher voltage or more power from the output without utilizing the barrel jack. If you need voltage output applicable to industrial instruments that require a high-voltage power supply, you have to supply 10-30V at the barrel jack (I believe the manufacturer incorrectly lists 10-36v). The other end of the terminal will output the corresponding barrel jack input voltage based on the power supply you choose based on the voltage output you need. Manufacturer lists the DC socket as 2.1mm x 5.5mm, click here for adapter options.

Please select an adapter based on the voltage and current requirements needed for the RS485 output signal, and please review datasheet before ordering.