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I have an SK-32PTU-AR that I purchased and I want to transfer data from the broken lcd to the new lcd screen

Hello ali.alghazali,

Sorry for your troubles. I’m not familiar with this device. Hopefully one of the Engineers that monitor the TechForum can comment on this, and help with a possible transfer.

I have submitted it twice and no one has responded yet with a solution

Hello Ali,

There are two memory types for the SK-32PTU-AR display including:

  • “On-board micro-SD memory card”

  • “14KB of flash memory for user code storage and 14KB of SRAM for user variables, or 14KB shared user code and program variables”

The SD card is easy to move between devices. The flash will be a challenge.

For this discussion, let’s assume that “broken” aspect is cosmetic. Let the display’s power supplies, communication, and on-board logic be intact.

To retrieve the flash memory contents you will need to interface the display to a microcontroller or other suitable device. You will then need to program the microcontroller to interface with the display and then retrieve the values from the display. The microcontroller can then transfer the values to a file using a tool such as Putty.

This task will be relatively easy if you are the programmer of the microcontroller and the display. If you are an end user, it will be a steep learning curve. Perhaps you can consult the original equipment manufacturer.

Be sure to work out the memory transfer procedure using the new display as you risk corrupting the original display’s memory as part of the learning process.

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P.S. A split memory with part in the display and part in the microcontroller is problematic for the reasons we see in this post.

Is there any way to get a video tutorial to show the process that you have described as contacting the manufacturer is not an option since it would take weeks until they replace the item.

None that I am aware of.

However, you may be able to find video for connecting the device. Also, you may be able to locate github repositories that will significantly cut down the development time.

Sorry, I am unable to offer additional assistance.

Perhaps one of our readers may offer additional insights.



Hi @ali.alghazali ,
You could perhaps replace only the LCD? Then there is no need to transfer the firmware.
Cheers, heke

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