DC blade battery connector help

I have a project I’m working on and cannot find this kind of connector. If someone could please point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative. The receptacles are 1.00mm wide and the plastic dividers are 1.50mm. Total height is 6.75mm, width is 21.50 at the narrowest, and depth is 5.40mm. The contacts appear to be gold, however I am inconclusive on the material.
Thank you.


Connectors of this style are generally found in the Blade Type Power Connector product family.

Connector pitch and number of positions are the two main filter criteria one would generally use to reduce the list of candidates when trying to identify a connector. Note that if the connector pictured came from a high-volume consumer product, there is a higher likelihood of it be a proprietary item that is not available as a standard commercial product.