DC Capacitor for powering Peltiers

DC Capacitor for powering Peltier’s.
Is it possible to power Quantity 10 ~ TEC1-12703 Peltier’s with 100 volts from DC Capacitors?
Each Peltier would have about 10 volts, I need a quick cooling cycle less than 5 minutes.
Peltier has maximum 3 amps of current, not sure how this would pan out with the Capacitors?
I need light weight and small space for power source.
Please advise.



Attempting to power peltier devices using capacitors is a bit like trying to run an electric kitchen stove off AA batteries; it’s possible, but expensive,inconvenient, and really not an appropriate solution in most circumstances.

A lithium battery of the larger sort used for cordless power tools would be more appropriate.

I am agreed with rick. You can see some alternative options here:

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