DF13A-20DP-1.25V(25) vs DF13EA-20DP-1.25V(35)

Hirose Electric Connectors

DF13A-20DP-1.25V(25) obsolete part and DF13EA-20DP-1.25V(35) replacement part

What is DF13A vs DF13EA?

What is (25) vs (35) designation?

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In my research for the answer to your questions I found that EA is a insulation material change as per the snip below.

Also highlighted in blue is the only place where I could find mentioning the meaning of numbers in parentheses.

Here are the links to the documentations containing the above information.
430-15086.pdf (digikey.com)
430-15086_E.pdf (digikey.com)
Hope that helps.

That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks.