DFM/DRC file

For DKRed, is there any DRC file available from board house? I want to make sure I am passing DFM before submitting ( I am using EAGLE).

Hello @mojan,

Here are the DRC files:
Royal_EAGLE_DRU_Files.zip (21.9 KB)

Keep in mind DK Red does not have all these options and limits features to allow for the reduced pricing.

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Hi @Erik_Brateng
Thanks for sending me the DRU files.
I am focusing on 2layer standard. I looked at the numbers on your DRU file and compare it with attached document. Unfortunately the numbers are not match, can you please help?
DKRed - 2 layer Documentation.pdf (352.8 KB)

Hello Mojan,
The figures may not align perfectly, as the DK Red services are subject to limitations designed to maintain their cost-effectiveness.