Difference b/w GCJ188R11H104KA12D and GCJ188R71H104KA12D

What is difference b/w GCJ188R11H104KA12D and GCJ188R71H104KA12D

There is no information about GCJ188R11H104KA12D on the MURATA website, there is only information about GCJ188R71H104KA12D.
GCJ188R71H104KA12 - https://www.murata.com/en-eu/products/productdetail?partno=GCJ188R71H104KA12%23

Perhaps one of the sellers made a mistake and wrote 1 instead of 7.

Iā€™m unable to verify GCJ188R11H104KA12D anywhere.

for Example: GCJ188R71H104KA12D

R7 would indicate an X7R Temperature Coefficient.

For Part Number: GCJ188R91H104KA01D

R9 would indicate an X8R Temperature Coefficient.

Iā€™m not seeing that an R1 for Temperature Characteristics is valid.

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I believe that is a mistake in the marking GCJ188R11H104KA12D.
It should be GCJ188R71H104KA12D.