Difference between Hirose RM12BPE-7PH(71), RM12BPE-7PH(76), and RM12BPE-7PH(81)


  1. RM12BPE-7PH(71):
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Part of the older RM series of connectors that predates any RoHS directive.
  • There is no PCN for the (71) change.
  1. RM12BPE-7PH(76):
  1. RM12BPE-7PH(81):
  • Another resin change from the RM12BPE-7PH(76) parts.
  • Implemented via Hirose PCN2023-07.
  • The change was due to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.
  • The insulator part is now made with PPS resin instead of diallyl phthalate resin.
    PCN2023-07_E.pdf (485.8 KB)

In summary:

  • The sequence is (71) → (76) → (81) based on PCN versions.
Applicable numbers
HR1734-ND RM12BPE-7PH(71)
26-RM12BPE-7PH(76)-ND RM12BPE-7PH(76)
26-RM12BPE-7PH(81)-ND RM12BPE-7PH(81)