Difference in p/n MAX14748BEWW+ & MAX14748EWW+?


I have a call out for p/n MAX14748EWW+ but am unable to find the part. I have found p/n MAX14748BEWW+ but can not tell the difference through the data sheet. Is the difference just the standard package and the parts are the exact same? (2k reel vs 90 pcs strip)?

The “B” version has the “Fresh Battery Feature” and extra registers.

Thanks Paul! Can the BEWW+ be used as a drop in replacement/direct substitute or no?

Hello, CJ at UM , This part package is called WLP
3.968mm x 2.768mm
page 15 of 71

MAX14757EWW+ is a taped strip package with 90 part per strip, while MAX1475EWW+T is a tape and reel with 2000 per package.

Maybe, I’ve never used that part, so without many hours of engineering time I can’t tell for sure. You should ask the engineer responsible for the system.

Thanks Robert, my question isn’t the actual part package but the B vs blank and if they are interchangeable, guess I should have been more specific.