Digi-Key Marketplace

What are Marketplace parts?

What is the difference between Marketplace suppliers and Digi-Key’s traditional line card suppliers?

Simply put, Digi-Key has traditionally contracted with suppliers as a distribution partner in which we stock the parts, or order as needed for our customers.
With traditional suppliers we are in a contract agreement which allows us to quote, special order, and provide other special services.

The difference with Marketplace suppliers is that we offer their product in our catalog and take the orders, but then that order is fulfilled by the Marketplace supplier and they ship the parts to the customer directly.

We have not brought these suppliers on as a full distribution partner in the traditional sense, therefore some of the common services usually offered by Digi-Key are not offered with these Marketplace suppliers.
We cannot quote these products, and the biggest exception with these parts is that they are currently only available to customers within the United States. This may be changed in the future.

You still will be able to have the same great customer service and sales contacts. We will also still provide technical support on these products to the best of our ability depending on what technical resources we have at our disposal for each supplier.

To learn more about Digi-Key Marketplace products please follow the link below.