Digi-Key Webpage Definitions

When looking through products on the Digi-Key webpage you will often find related products in several boxes at the bottom of the page. This is a short Guide to help you understand what these boxes are for and to help you navigate our site.

Mating Products.

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  • This is commonly found in the connector sections and will be parts that will mate with product you are currently looking at.

Associated Product

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  • This is product that is made specifically to work with the product you are looking at.
    • This may be a contact, Backshell, Plug, Seal etc that is designed to work specifically with the product you are current looking at.

For Use With

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  • Similar to Associated Product this tab is commonly found with our Contacts. This would be a products that you part can be used with.


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  • These will be tools such as Crimpers and Applicators that are made to work with your specific part.


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  • These are kits of parts that contain the individual part that you are looking at.

You May Also Be Interested In

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  • This is a group of parts that people have either looked at or ordered at the same time as they ordered the part you are looking at. These parts could be associated or they could have no relation.

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