Digikey search engine

Am I alone thinking the Digikey search web page used to be better and quicker several month ago?


You’re probably not alone in that view, but insofar as there are region-specific versions of the site undergoing continuous testing & development, as well as client-side factors that might influence your experience, it’s next to impossible to understand your question/comment in a context that would allow potential issues to be identified and addressed.

There should be a feedback tab on the side of the screen on the DK site. Please feel free to use that to communicate whatever issues you might be experiencing, reactions to changes you’ve noticed, or other ideas relating to the DK website or your experiences therewith.

The more specific and detailed one is with such feedback, the better; our development teams are unfortunately not telepathic, and so cannot possibly know or understand the thoughts of users such as you or I beyond the degree of clarity with which they are expressed. It’s understood that it can be difficult to point out the specific factors that makes one’s experience “better” from one time to the next, but to the extent that you are able to identify and describe those things to us, we’d like to hear. So again, PLEASE feel free to bang on that feedback button and help us understand your thoughts and impressions.