Digipas Technologies Inc. Smart Padlock documentation

Digipas Technologies Inc Trademarked “eGeeTouch® Smart Padlocks” provide high security, traceability, and remote access authorization. They remove the disadvantage of key picking or key bumping to bypass the key on mechanical locks. Opening the lock is by Bluetooth or NFC. Smart NFC Fobs/Tags can be used or an app for either IOS/Android Phones can be downloaded from the supplier’s website HERE. Under “Products & Services” select the smart lock or accessory, and any apps, instructions, or software will be listed on the product page for the smart lock.

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2256-5-02201-94-ND 5-02201-94
2256-5-02202-94-ND 5-02202-94
2256-5-02101-94-ND 5-02101-94
2256-5-05105-99-ND 5-05105-99
2256-5-05105-97-ND 5-05105-98
2256-5-05305-94-ND 5-05305-94