Diode Marking with White line

Can some one please advise me what D10 , D14, D3, D2 diodes part number will be?


Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. Do you have a schematic for this board or can you provide a description on the diodes that provides the dimension, voltage and current rating ?

Neither I have schematic nor it has any labels on it that specifies dimension, voltage and current rating.

I don’t see anything legible on those diodes. Are there any markings on the bottom of the part? What are the dimensions length x width x height?

Just a guess, depending on the case size it might be one of these-

0603(1608 Metric) case = 1801-TS4148RCGCT-ND (TS4148 RCG)

0805(2012 Metric) case = 1801-TS4148RBGCT-ND (TS4148 RBG)

1206(3216 Metric) case = 1801-TS4148RAGCT-ND (TS4148 RAG).

I don’t think they actually put the logo on the part. Should look like this with the line.


As you can see in picture there is black mark on the bottom of the part and Diode is 1206(3216 Metric). As you mentioned it could be 1206(3216 Metric) case = [1801-TS4148RAGCT-ND]


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I don’t have info on the bottom, but I would guess that is probably the correct part then.

Thanks for the help I will try to get this diode and will see if PSU still works.