Diode near laptop charge port

Have an Insyde motherboard with a burned charger.
Part of the middle pin of the 280 Watt charger has vaporized.
A diode on the motherboard near the charge port was at one time replaced by someone with a non-matching diode.
I can tell it is not an exact replacement because it is larger than the space allotted.
I’m told that it did work for a while though.

Motherboard : Insyde H2O GC54 P/N 6-77-NP70SNC0-D02-1A#10
Markings on the replacement diode : 249 B14

My questions:

  • Is it possible that the replacement diode did not adequately protect the charger and caused it to burn?
  • Is there a way to determine an suitable replacement diode without schematics and without the diode the board came with?

Hi TechRescue

Yes, it is possible the replacement diode was not adequate. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to search for a replacement diode without knowing the specifications for the diode or a part number. I am not able to search by a model number or by type of device a part is used in.