Diodes Identification - GP048 (S3) & GP138 (LT)

I can’t find any datasheet for these diodes and also I can’t understand what means the destinator name “DM2”.


Thank you for your inquiry.

I am having difficulty pulling up any information to diodes with those numbers associated.

Could you please advise where these are being referenced?

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Hello oktabitt,

It’s often difficult to locate semiconductors as there are so many closely related numbers.

Please provide additional information about your product. A picture would be especially useful as we can sometimes obtain clues about the semiconductor. It may also be useful to identify the product including the manufacturer and model number.

Looking forward to your reply. With your additional clues someone in this community may be able to identify the component.

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Hello, below you can see the components on the PCB.

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Hi oktabitt,

The larger one is an STMicroelectronics Schottky diode part number STPS340S with part marking of S34, as seen on page 17 of the datasheet.

The smaller one is an STMicroelectronics bi-polar TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode part number SM6T12CA with part marking of LT, as seen on page 11 of the datasheet.


David beat me to it…

Many thanks to all of you.

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