Does anyone know which crimping tool to buy for molex 0501258000

I already have a crimping tool with the following locator, but it doesn’t fit. Which locate should I buy for the above contact pin?

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What is the part number of the tool your using? The correct hand tool is 900-2002182000-ND

And the replacement locator if needed is 900-2002182075-ND.

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Thanks for visiting on the Digikey tech forum. The hand crimp tool for contact part 0501258000 is Digikey part 900-2002182000-ND .

Thanks a lot. The handtool I have now are with the following part number. Could you let me know if I can use any of them and only buy the locator to save the cost?


Thanks you!

Sorry, I don’t see any of those parts listed to crimp the Molex 0501258000 contact. The older tooling that could be used with the contact are listed below.


Thanks. Could you let me know how to check whether a handle can be shared between different locators?
I did see 900-2002182075-ND has an identical handle with what I have, ie. 63827-1500? Why cannot I just buy the locator (900-2002182075-ND)? Thanks.

Sorry about the confusion, it looks like there is an error on the website. The correct locator for 63827-1500 is 0638271575 not 0638271475.