Does TMP461 temperature sensor come with a default program?

Does TMP461AIRUNR-S temperature sensor by Texas Instruments come with a default program? I would put it to a circuit board as a replacement and pins 4, 7 and 10 will be unconnected and pin 5 will be grounded, so I wonder could it work right out of the box in this setup. Data sheet by Texas Instruments does not tell does it come with program.

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That is a SMBus temperature sensor interface integrated circuit. Like most similar devices It has settings registers that are set to default values at the integrated circuit factory.

Whether the product it is used in works with the default settings or not, is only known by the manufacturer of the product it is used in.

The most common situation is that a microcontroller in the product reads the sensor settings at startup and sets them appropriately. If the product works this way then you can simply change the part and the new part will be automatically configured by the product at startup.

However I have seen, and designed, products where a special setup process is done to the sensor interface integrated circuit before it ships. If the product works this way then replacing the sensor won’t work.

If the manufacturer of the product won’t help, all you can do is try a new TMP461 and see if it works.


The temperature sensor is not pre-programmed. You have to interface it with an Arduino or any other microcontroller.

Here is the datasheet. If you need any other info, you can ask to the TI forum too.

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